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Cooperation Projects
in Africa

Cooperation Project with Sudan

Sudan Meteorological Department

The Sudan Meteorological Department (SMD) has a long history, with some meteorological observation stations established in the 1890s. The long series of meteorological data give a solid base for climatological analysis and facilitated studies of renewable energy sources, particularly on solar and wind energy. The average annual rainfall varies from less than 20 mm in the north to 80 mm in Khartoum and up to as much as 1800 mm in the south. The rains are of vital importance to agriculture and also to power production.

The programme to rehabilitate and improve the SMD was signed in December 1988. The project was financed by Finland with SMD as the Governmental implementing agency and WMO as the executing agency. FMIs expert served as the WMO Chief Technical Adviser and as the agroclimatologist of the Project.

The training of system administrators and operators for the data management system was carried out by the two WMO experts in the project. Fourteen persons received training in operations and maintenance of the CLICOM system. Training in computers and electronics was provided in the U.K. and Egypt. One meteorologist of SMD received M.Sc. training in agrometeorology in the U.K. Operation and maintenance training on new equipment were provided by the supplier in connection with the installations. A post-graduate education programme in Meteorology within the Institute of Environmental Studies of the University of Khartoum (IES) was developed.

The project was implemented in two phases during 1989-1994. The total support financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland within its development cooperation program amounted to USD 2,3 million and the counterpart funding of Sudan was LS 3,8 million.

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