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The professionals of FMI both in the operational services and research applications (e.g. instruments and observing methods, telecommunications, work stations, aeronautical and agrometeorological weather services, climatological statistics, numerical models, dataprocessing systems, data management systems as well as air quality models and laboratory instrumentation) are the strengthness of FMI in providing technical assistance and training services to the colleagues in the National Meteorological Services of developing countries.

Expertise and experience
Since the early 1970s, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFAF) has within its development cooperation programme financially supported the strengthening of the WMO Global Observing System.

In 1980s and 1990s major Finnish development cooperation programmes to assist the NMSs of developing countries were implemented in cooperation with WMO and with the assistance of FMI expert services.

FMI published for the 21st Century a brochure "Finland and development cooperation in the field of meteorology". It describes inter alia the significance of weather and climate for agriculture, NMSs national commitments to UN conventions and achievements and the results of the cooperation projects in Central America, Sudan and the SADC countries.

An advantage in the implementation of Finnish development co-operation programmes strengthening the NMSs of developing countries is the use of the expertise of such NMS which have updated expert services in the operational fields of instruments and observing methods, weather satellite receiving systems and weather radars, telecommunication and work stations, aeronautical and agrometeorological weather services, climatological statistics and applications, wind and solar energy, numerical models and data management systems, air quality laboratory instrumentation and education and training.

FMIs references in development cooperation consist of

  • the expert services in project formulation, design, implementation, appraisal, evaluation, monitoring, review, management and training,
  • the updated expertise related to the responsibilities of NMS of Finland,
  • the global cooperation within the intergovernmental organizations WMO, EUMETSAT and ECMWF.
These references of FMI give a solid foundation for the challenges of the 21st Century.

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