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Programme Coordination

Worldwide Cooperation
The National Meteorological Services (NMS) of the Member countries of WMO, currently 179 states, collaborate closely with the WMO Technical Cooperation Department and the WMO Regional and Sub-Regional offices. The WMO EC Advisory Group of Experts on TCO assists in policy issues of the development cooperation programmes in the field of meteorology. The Directors of the NMSs, the Permanent Representatives of their countries with WMO, agree upon the programmes of the organization including the WMO Technical Cooperation Programme, at the Congress and the sessions of the Regional Associations.

All countries are responsible under international regulations for maintaining systematic and reliable measurements of weather and the atmosphere. For this purpose, each country has a National Meteorological Service. The measurements are supposed to be carried out simultaneously and regularly and transmitted immediately to the WMO World Weather Watch system (WWW) and archived for national, regional and global climate systems e.g. Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). The observing methods and the international exchange of data and products are strictly defined, coded and standardized. The practices, operational language and experiences are applicable to all NMSs. The operational status of the WMO WWW and the performance, timeliness, data availability and completeness is monitored regularly. These monitoring reports describe any problems in the network on national, regional and/or global level and thus the needs of support can be identified and located.

Through the WMO/TCO programme, WMO assists its Members, particularly developing countries and countries with economies in transition, to improve their NMSs, so that they can attain the levels of service needed on national, regional and global level and to contribute efficiently to sustainable development activities.

The Informal Planning Meeting on the WMO Voluntary cooperation Programme and related Technical Co-operation Programmes is a unique kind of gathering to provide input on co-ordinated technical co-operation activities. The exchange of information on project experiences and plans between the WMO/TCO Secretariat and the Members is a valuable tool to increase the efficiency and to avoid duplication in meteorological development cooperation.

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