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Cooperation Projects
in Africa
SADC countries

Project Launch

In 1985 the SATCC Committee of Ministers recommended that a study on the status of meteorological services in the SADC region should be conducted and a detailed proposal for a programme of action should be developed. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, decided to provide assistance to strengthen the National Meteorological Services in the region in order to improve their capabilities to meet the needs of the user community. This assistance was provided under the framework of the Finland/SATCC/WMO Meteorolocy Project which was launched in August 1987.

The project was implemented in two phases, with the first phase ending in June 1989 and the second one ending in December 1993. The objective of the first phase was to create the conditions for basic weather services in the region. The second phase was designed to guarantee the continuity of these services and establish the provision of applications of meteorology to the officials responsible for food production.

The total project budget amounted to approximately FIM 66 million (about 15 million US dollars), of which 42 per cent was for fellowships/expert services and 54 per cent for equipment procurement and services. The project implementation was jointly assisted by the WMO and the FMI with similar responsibilities to those in the project in Central America.

The Co-ordination Unit, composed of the Project Co-ordinator and Assistant Project Co-ordinator was located in Maputo, Mozambique, seat of the SATCC Technical Unit (SATCC/TU). The Co-ordination Unit was responsibIe for the day-to-day implementation of the project. The Government of Mozambique, through the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, provided the necessary facilities for and support to the Co-ordination Unit. The annual tripartite review meetings of the project were attended by representatives of the donor, the recipient countries, WMO and FMI. The meetings reviewed the progress of the implementation and made recommendations for remedial actions. SATCC organized annual meetings of the SADC directors of meteorology, during which the project status was discussed within the wider framework of the SADC meteorology program.

Projects in Africa
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